Wondering what present to buy for Christmas?

Wondering what present to buy for Christmas?

Christmas Offer – Smart Home Kit – Get your presents now!!

Meet the kit that will upgrade your home and bring it into the 21st century. Instead of buying a bajillion different smart products, you can reinvent the household items you already have. Control your AC from anywhere. Automate your curtains to open at sunrise. Make a remote controlled pet feeder. The Smart Home Kit is the easiest way to Snap the Internet to Anything. Whether or you’re an experienced maker, a tech-curious family, or a home DIY-er, anyone can improve their room or house with inventions created with the Smart Home Kit.

  • Kids can develop engineering and problem-solving skills by creating interactive inventions
  • Build infinitely customizable inventions by combining littleBits with anything your kids own
  • Get step-by-step instructions for 8 inventions, 1 challenge, and inspiration for thousands more
  • Kids can gain the confidence and curiosity to understand their surroundings and reinvent them
  • Minimize screen time with a toolbox that kids can use again and again to create new toys


-CREEPY EYEBALLS (Invent a creepy companion that glows green whenever it hears a noise)

-MOVING COLLAGE (Invent interactive artwork that can wiggle and dance on command)

-BURGLAR BUZZER (Invent your own burglar alarm that catches thieves in the act)

-DOMAIN DEFENDER (Invent a defense system to guard your stuff and attack on command!)

-PROGRAMMABLE POP-UP PUPPET (Invent a puppet that can play pranks, protect your computer, and be coded to say anything you want)

The Rule your Room kit allows you to make at least eight projects straight out of the box (and you use the box for your projects too) We love a bit of recycling! After you’ve completed the project, or in our case, when you wish to vear off on your own tangent, the parts are reusable and can also be combined with other littleBits in your collection.

littleBits is truly like LEGO, as your inventory grows, you can make more and more of your own projects.
There’s also an app availbel for iOS and Andriod, where you can find more project ideas, challenges and join the community of other littleBit makers.

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