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  • Virtual Robotics Toolkit (Build, Analyse, Program, Simulate)

    Virtual Robotics Toolkit (Build, Analyse, Program, Simulate)

    Education With Simulation

    Virtual Robotics Toolkit Video

    Robotics is a great way to learn about programming, and an even more powerful tool for teaching STEM subjects.

    Simulation is an effective means for understanding how physical concepts like force and motion come to play in real life.

    No Robot, No Problem

    Simulated robots are available 24 x 7, don’t ever break, and are never missing parts.

    With the Toolkit you can build and program your robot using the exact same tools you would use on the real thing — code you write for your simulated robot will also run in real-life.

    Competitive Edge

    The Toolkit makes it easy for your team to rapidly design and prototype your robot.

    Why wait until your next meetup to see if your robot actually works? Import custom robot models from a variety of popular CAD tools such as LEGO® Digital Designer™ and begin experimenting instantly.

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